Event Report

Base data

Event code EH-HCI/01758/IND
Main category Epidemic Hazard
Sub category highly infectious human disease
Event date (UTC) Thu, 03 Sep 2020 08:44:28 +0000
Last update (UTC) Thu, 03 Sep 2020 08:44:28 +0000


Continent Asia
Country India
Administration area State of Andhra Pradesh
Settlement Visakhapatnam
Exact location
Open Location Code: 7M95P65R+4M
Size of affected area County-level
Additional events None or not detected.

Common Alerting Protocol Information

Urgency Past
Certainty Observed
Severity Extreme
Category Health

Event details

An incurable disease is reportedly spreading in Visakhapatnam were three deaths that occurred in the course of the week, which is causing huge concern. In Tokarai, a remote area of ​​Dharakonda panchayat in the GK street zone, there were sudden symptoms in people such as swelling all over the body and people died within two or three days. Locals say two children and a woman have gone missing over the past week with similar symptoms. A woman named Sushila died on the way to the hospital due to swelling all over her body. She was earlier taken to Dharakonda Primary Health Center where her health condition was said to be in serious condition and the staff thereby referred her to Chintapalli CHC. She disappeared in the middle of the road while moving her there. It is worrying that three people have died in a week. Two other children locally became ill with similar symptoms. Locals say the roads in the village have been damaged by heavy rains for the past few days, making it impossible to get to the hospital even in an emergency. Corona fears that paramedics will not come to the village and that they will not receive the minimum medical services. The people are seeking authorities' immediate response to the deaths. Also wants authorities to organize a medical camp and conduct tests for everyone.

Situation update


Number of dead: 3 person(s)
Number of injured: 0 person(s)
Number of Affected: 0 person(s)
Number of Rescued/evacuated: 0 person(s)
Number of Missing: 0 person(s)
Number of Infected: 0 person(s)

Event Specific Details

[Epidemic Hazard - highly infectious human disease]
Name of diseaseUnidentified Fatal Disease
Biosafety levelLevel 4 - Hazardous
Infection statussuspected
Additional informationpeople such as swelling all over the body and people died within two or three days

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Risk Analisys

Nearest marine ports Vishakhapatnam (6.75 km)
Nearest airports There is no known marine port nearby.
Nearest nuclear power plant There is no known nuclear power plant nearby.

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