Event Report

Base data

Event code FR-FOR/01754/USA
Main category Fire
Sub category forest fire
Event date (UTC) Wed, 02 Sep 2020 12:11:53 +0000
Last update (UTC) Wed, 02 Sep 2020 12:11:53 +0000


Continent North-America
Country USA
Administration area State of Washington
Exact location 8 miles NW of Naches
Open Location Code: 84RXV632+GH
Size of affected area County-level
Additional events None or not detected.

Common Alerting Protocol Information

Urgency Past
Certainty Observed
Severity Extreme
Category Fire

Event details

Hundreds of people have had to leave their homes near the Evans Canyon Fire, as evacuation notices have moved into Kittitas County. Many are left worrying they may not have a home to come back to. "I didn't want to leave at all. I'd already lost everything I have. This is what I've got left," says Andrea Vasquez, who lives near Wenas Lake. Vasquez says her neighbor convinced her to leave Monday night. "I thought I'm going to leave, and I'm going to come home and I'm not going to have a home, so why leave," says Vasquez. Hundreds of others were forced to evacuate. "It almost looked like molten lava coming down the hill it was so red," says Vasquez. Vasquez says early Tuesday morning, she and her neighbor came back to check on the damage and grab some things. "I had a big lump in my throat, thinking everything is just going to be a melted charred mess on the ground, and there won't be anything left," says Vasquez. She was able to connect with the Red Cross and they paid for a hotel for her. "Some people camped out up at the top. You see that trailer up there. They camped out there because they got nowhere to go, and you know some people are sleeping in their cars. They don't know that they can call the Red Cross and they'll help them," says Vasquez. Firefighters say no homes were been damaged, as of this afternoon, in the fire that's burned now more than 6,000 acres. Fire crews say some outbuildings and cars burned. "The fire was really right up to the front porch or back porch of some of these houses," says Ben Shearer, with the Incident Management Team. You can contact Yakima Valley Emergency Management at 509-574-1919 if you have livestock or need a place to bring your trailer. They say State Fair park is available for evacuees. Because of weather conditions, Emergency Management's Horace Ward says there could be additional evacuations. "The situation can change drastically. Just with the weather, if we get some big winds that really push the fire. Instantly it can go from you are safe and now you aren't safe ," says Horace For Vasquez, her home is safe another day. "If it comes over this hill," says Vasquez, "It can still come in here. These things when they catch on fire, once it's on fire, they're not putting it out. They go up real quick." Vasquez says the Red Cross has her covered in a hotel for at least another three days. If you don't have friends or family you can stay with, you can reach out to the Red Cross at 509-594-0016.

Situation update


Number of dead: 0 person(s)
Number of injured: 0 person(s)
Number of Affected: 0 person(s)
Number of Rescued/evacuated: 494 person(s)
Number of Missing: 0 person(s)
Number of Infected: 0 person(s)

Event Specific Details

[Fire - forest fire]

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Risk Analisys

Nearest marine ports There is no known marine port nearby.
Nearest airports Yakima Air Terminal McAllister Field (37.22 km)
Nearest nuclear power plant There is no known nuclear power plant nearby.

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