Event Report

Base data

Event code CM-CCI/01229/VEN
Main category Complex Emergency
Sub category collapsed critical infrastructure
Event date (UTC) Wed, 08 Jul 2020 06:30:08 +0000
Last update (UTC) Wed, 08 Jul 2020 06:30:08 +0000
Reliability of information Authentic source : Information from trusted source (newspapers, emails, websites).


Continent South-America
Country Venezuela
Administration area Multiple location
Exact location Nation-wide
Open Location Code: 67RMJHGM+CG
Size of affected area Nationwide event
Additional events None or not detected.

Common Alerting Protocol Information

Urgency Past
Certainty Observed
Severity Extreme
Category Infra

Event details

Erratic power outages were reported in Venezuela's capital and several states Monday evening. The nation's state electrical company said on Twitter that “an event in the electrical system” had affected power in parts of Caracas as well as states to the west. No further details were provided. On social media, some Venezuelans said the lights had flickered on and off several times while in other areas they were still in the dark. Corpoelec later said power had been restored in 90 percent of Caracas. Internet monitoring organization NetBlocks reported that over a dozen states had experienced some degree of the outage, with the electrical service being temporarily restored and then going off before turning back on again. “Venezuela''s power fluctuations continue as of 10 p.m. local time, with a double-dip now experienced in most states,” the service said. Power outages have become frequent in Venezuela, and some states, particularly those in western Venezuela, regularly experience prolonged blackouts. In 2019, a nationwide blackout left millions without power for a week. Former electrical company workers, experts, and opposition leaders blame President Nicolás Maduro for failing to maintain the nation's grid. The socialist leader, meanwhile, often claims the outages are attacks to force him from power.

Situation update


Number of dead: 0 person(s)
Number of injured: 0 person(s)
Number of Affected: 0 person(s)
Number of Rescued/evacuated: 0 person(s)
Number of Missing: 0 person(s)
Number of Infected: 0 person(s)

Event Specific Details

[Complex Emergency - collapsed critical infrastructure]

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Nearest marine ports There is no known marine port nearby.
Nearest airports There is no known marine port nearby.
Nearest nuclear power plant There is no known nuclear power plant nearby.

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